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2023-01-23 Karl HallsbyAdd Mr. Triangle honor from Fall 2022
2023-01-23 Karl HallsbyDate ranges between years no longer have extra space...
2022-10-29 Karl HallsbyAdd Triangle 2021 Active of the year to honors
2022-10-29 Karl HallsbyUse new DatetoPresent command to typeset Present in...
2022-10-29 Karl HallsbyAdd new command to type a previous date to the present day
2022-10-07 Karl HallsbyReduce spacing in front of course work to make just...
2022-10-07 Karl HallsbyAdd advisor command to add professors I did work with
2022-10-07 Karl HallsbyUse \Location for previous experience
2022-10-07 Karl HallsbyAdd command to typeset the location a position was...
2022-10-06 Karl HallsbyFor virtines, Nick is no longer a candidate student...
2022-10-06 Karl HallsbyRemove uses of ampersand symbol, replace with actual...
2022-10-06 Karl HallsbyTriangle RA duties use present tense
2022-10-06 Karl HallsbyRound rather than truncate my undergraduate GPA
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